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Breakthrough for the DJ community:
Twitch launches revolutionary DJ streaming program

The live streaming video portal Twitch recently announced a revolutionary program that allows DJs to stream most of the music in a new DJ category. This initiative has been made possible through a partnership with leading music companies such as Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music and independent labels represented by Merlin. Twitch is the first major platform to offer DJs a secure and long-term basis for their live streams.

Since 2020, the number of DJs on Twitch has more than quadrupled. Tens of thousands of DJs have built a passionate community here and use their channels to generate income. The Twitch community loves DJs, and Twitch believes it’s the best platform to support these creators.

Until now, it has been a challenge for DJs to work online, as their creative expression is often based on other artists’ music, and legal requirements regarding copyright are unavoidable. Anyone who streams DJ content on Twitch without using the new program and does not own the rights to the music risks DMCA notices and copyright infringement penalties, which could result in being banned from the streaming platform.

Twitch’s new DJ-program offers a solution that allows DJ communities to continue to build while ensuring that music creators are fairly compensated. To cover the costs of the music used in DJ live streams, Twitch will retain a portion of the revenue from DJ channels and pass it on to the artists via the record labels. The costs depend on how a channel is monetized. In most cases, Twitch shares these costs 50:50 with the streamers, initially taking on a larger portion of the expenses. For DJs who are not yet monetized, Twitch covers the entire cost, ensuring there are no financial impacts on them.


The program will be introduced this summer and is specifically intended for DJs. They must agree to a new agreement that applies to all streaming on their channel. DJs who stream other content in addition to DJ content should set up a separate account for DJ live streams.

With this innovation, Twitch is setting a new standard for supporting and promoting DJs worldwide. We look forward to following the creative journey of these talented artists and watching their communities continue to grow.

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