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  • What is required for distribution via FORTYFY?
    FORTYFY deals with sole traders or businesses, which legally own the rights for digital distribution of their content.
  • Are there any fees I need to pay to get setup with FORTYFY?
    No fees are charged for the installation or launch of the system.
  • Are there any other costs I will need to pay?
    No costs are charged in advance. FORTYFY keeps a percentage part, which is specified in the contract.
  • Are there any charges to deliver my Albums and Singles to stores?
    No, all costs are covered by the percentage rate negotiated in the contract.
  • How do I get a contractual offer?
    Please go to our website and follow the application form. After checking your details, you will be contacted by one of our label managers.


  • How to get an official YouTube Artist Channel?
    As soon as your channel meet the requirements, which we help you to get, we start the process for you to get an OAC.
  • Do I necessarily need to add my channel to your CMC if I do digital distribution through FORTYFY?
    No, but you miss a lot of benefits if you keep your channel out of a YouTube Partner Music CMS. We help that you get all necessary connections in the backend of your channel done, to increase your relevance, views and revenue. We help you to get Video-pitchings on YouTube, update you first with news regarding channel-optimization & revenue.
  • How to get the best results for my YouTube Channel?
    First thing is to not just upload your music videos on your channel, but to deliver also the audio-files of your song to YouTube in order to be able to activate Content ID if somebody uses just your audio on YouTube. Additionally if you do the audio distribution through us, we help you to connect your YouTube Channel with other music streaming platforms.
  • How does YouTube’s Content ID System work?
    When you create a release and select ‘YouTube‘ as a store, we’ll submit your release to YouTube’s Content ID system. This is one of many ways in which you can utilize YouTube to monetise your content. YouTube’s Content ID system uses audio fingerprinting to identify videos that use all or part of your music in them. Claims are placed on these matching videos which monetizes the audio on your behalf. Even YouTube Shorts Videos bring you money through Content ID. In order for your release to be eligible for distribution to the Content ID system, it must not contain any non-exclusive samples, public domain content, or content that might have already been uploaded to Content ID. Click here for a list of criteria that your release must fit before we can distribute it to YouTube Content ID.
  • How does Meta’s Content ID system work?
    When you create a release and select ‘Meta’ as a store, your release will be uploaded to Meta’s audio library, as well as Meta’s content ID system. Much like YouTube’s Content ID System, Meta’s Content ID system will claim on videos that utilize all or parts of your audio. This will generate earnings which are reported 45 days after the month they are earned in. When checking if a release is eligible to be distributed to Meta, we must go by the same guidelines set by YouTube’s content ID system.

Stores & Sales

  • What are DSPs?
    DSPs are “Digital Service Providers”, including download stores, streaming platforms, other kinds of digital retailers and services. Examples are Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Beatport, Shazam, Youtube, Deezer etc.
  • My release is not available or only available in some DSPs?
    First, please check the territories and stores you have selected. If you miss something, please contact us directly. Of course, every store is free to reject products without any reason.
  • How long will it take for my music to be available in stores?
    In most stores the product is available within 48 hours. FORTYFY can not guarantee this, because each store has different delivery times. We advise a lead time of at least 14 days with presale. For possible reviews on Beatport a lead time of 4 weeks from upload is necessary.
  • Will my Album/EP be available for purchase in all countries?
    If a store is currently available in a particular country, your publication will be made available in that store.
  • Will the featured artists show up in my song titles?
    We send your featured artists to all retailers. iTunes and Amazon reliably display this information, for a few stores the function is not available. Please note that if more than four main- or remix artists are added to a product, it will automatically be converted to “Various Artists” by Spotify! Featuring artists are not affected by this process.
  • Which information about my song will be displayed in my titles in retail stores?
    Depending on the store/DSP, the displayed information varies from only Artist, Title, Title Version or Label to the complete list of Composers, Producers etc. For example, in Spotify's "Show Credits" menu, most your details will be displayed (Label, written by, produced by...).
  • Is my music guaranteed to go live in all of the retail stores?
    No. Each retailer has the right to refuse your release. Common reasons for rejection of a release include the recording/cover art being poor in quality. In case of problems please contact your label manager.
  • Does the length of my songs affect the pricing?
    In some cases, yes. If the song is over ten minutes in length, retailers such as iTunes will mark the song as being available for "Album Only" purchase.
  • Can I determine the price of my music in the retail stores?
    You can choose a default price in your product. However, the stores themselves decide the price for customers. This is just a reference how much you like to earn for the product.
  • How do I track sales/streams of my music?
    You can view official sales statistics by going to Analytics > Audio > Statistics in your account. You can also view trending reports from several DSPs in Analytics > Audio > Daily Trends. Please note that the daily trends are only estimated sales figures we receive from the DSPs automatically. We do not guarantee that these numbers are 100% accurate until the figures are fully accounted for and appear in “Statistics” and your statements.
  • My music is available in retail stores and I know sales have been made. Why aren't my sales showing up?
    Sales statistics are not reported in real time by every retailer. In Trends, you can see the daily sales at stores like iTunes, Beatport and Amazon. Most are only visible after the official monthly statement.
  • Are my sales reported to BMI, ASCAP, or any other performing arts organization?
    No. You are responsible for reporting sales to these organizations.
  • What if my songs are already in some of the retail stores?
    In case your songs are already represented in the store, it means that you are already with a distributor. If you want to switch to us, make sure your contract has expired or is about to expire, please let us know in advance so we can start the process.
  • Does FORTYFY distribute classic music?
    Yes, if a distribution release is tagged as "Classical" your release will not be distributed to iTunes but will be distributed to our other list of retailers.

Release Management

  • How do I deliver my products?
    Your products will be generated through your personal access to our management system. Additionally, we offer an XML and FTP import of your catalog. Also, a tutorial as well as personal support by your label manager is offered by us.
  • What format does FORTYFY need for uploads?
    We accept files in WAV format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit).
  • Can I submit a release with multiple main artists?
    Sure, but do not specify more than 4 artists in total. From 4 artists the product must be specified as a Various Artist.
  • Can I submit a digital booklet with my release?
    Yes a digital booklet is supported by stores like iTunes.
  • Can I add or remove tracks to my release after it has been submitted?
    No, once the product is published you cannot make any changes to it. If this should be the case, please contact your label manager, he will change the product according to your wishes.
  • How do I list the composer or featured artist information for my tracks?
    While editing the individual track information, you can list featured artists, composers, etc. via the Contributor field.
  • The genre I've specified for my publication doesn't match what some retailers specify. What is the reason for that?
    Each store has its own genres, your information is for orientation. However, there is a possibility to contradict this, please contact your label manager.
  • Can I change my release after publishing?
    No, once the product is published you cannot make any changes to it. If this should be the case, please contact your label manager, he will change the product according to your wishes.
  • What is the "mix" field?
    This is an optional field where you can specify which mix of the song will be displayed. Examples include "Dub Mix," "Acoustic," "Live," "Club Mix," "Dance Remix," "Radio Edit," and "Demo."
  • What are the requirements for my cover art?
    Your cover must be in jpg format with a minimum size of 3000x3000 px and 72dpi in square format.
  • I made a mistake with my submission. What do I do?
    You have the possibility to make changes to titles, covers, featured artist information, artist names and title files. If you want to make a change, please contact your label manager.

Numbers & Codes

  • What is a UPC number?
    A Universal Product Code (UPC) is a number (from 12 to 14 characters long) exclusively associated with your release.
  • What is an ISRC number?
    An International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a 12-character code that serves as a unique identifier for your songs. Each song has its own ISRC code.
  • Can FORTYFY provide EAN/UPC, ISRC or further codes?
    Yes. You can request EAN/UPC or ISRCs by a simple click in our system – for free!
  • How quickly will I receive my EAN/UPC and ISRC information?
    The UPC/ISRC information will be presented in your release immediately after saving the product.
  • What if I already have my own UPC/EAN?
    You can use it! You will be prompted for the EAN/UPC code when you set up your release.
  • Do I need to have my own ISRC and EAN / UPC numbers?
    No. We provide you with codes for free on request.
  • What is a catalog number?
    A catalog number is the identification number that a record company assigns to a release. It can be chosen individually, but should be consecutive and unique.Spaces between the letters or numbers are also not allowed.


  • Does FORTYFY offer sales statistics?
    Sure, in the CMC. You can access monthly and selected daily sales statistics via your personal online login. You also receive detailed data with your monthly statements, prepared for easy electronic processing.
  • Difference between Daily Trends & Statistics
    Daily trends are non-guaranteed sales figures provided by the DSPs. Statistics are the actual accounted streams and downloads of your product which will be included in your statement.
  • What are Daily Trends?
    Daily Trends are daily updated streaming and download numbers from DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Beatport, Deezer etc., showing estimated numbers we receive automatically from the DSPs for a given period.
  • Where can I find my Daily Trends?
    You can find the reports in the Analytics > Audio > Daily Trends section of your account.
  • I had a trend report that listed sales, but the official sales report shows other sales. Why?
    Trend reports are unofficial data and do not represent the retailer's final sales information. Discrepancies between a trend report and a sales report can occur for many reasons. Please contact your label manager for details.
  • My trending report says I have sales. Can I get paid now?
    No. We do not pay out for sales until we receive the official sales reports from the retailers and from a minimum amount of 50 Euros. Sales reports are received once per month.


  • How do I get paid?
    You can view your monthly invoice in your personal account under Accounting. Send us an invoice to Depending on the payment term, the amount will be transferred to the account you specify.
  • When do I get paid?
    Payouts vary by retailer and may be changed from time to time by each retailer. If you have questions about specific retailer payouts please contact us.
  • How much does FORTYFY earn on my sales?
    FORTYFY keeps a percentage of your sales as specified in the contract.
  • How do you calculate royalties?
    The calculation and distribution of royalties is done as follows: FORTYFY receives a certain royalty from a digital store for each music title sold/streamed. After FORTYFY deducts a small share for digital distribution (which is agreed in our contract), we pay out the full rest of the money to the rights owner without any further deduction.
  • Where can I access my royalty reports?
    We provide you with access to a personal client area on our website where you can monitor sales and manage your catalogue. Royalties are paid to you by bank transfer or paypal.
  • Someone else is using my band name. Does that affect my royalties?
    The UPC number of your release is used to track and pay for sales. So, all sales will be matched to that product and properly billed to you.
  • What payment options do you have for transferring royalties to labels?
    We offer bank transfer and Paypal.
  • When and how do I receive my statements?
    Statements are created at the end of the month and are available in your personal account.

Rights & Contract

  • What if someone else has submitted my music without my permission?
    Contact us at FORTYFY and make sure to include all relevant information.
  • Do I have to own the rights to the music that I submit?
    You must own the rights — or have been given prior, explicit permission by the rights owner — for all music you submit for Digital Distribution.
  • What rights do I hand over when I make a contract with FORTYFY.
    We only receive the distribution rights within the time period specified in the contract.
  • Can I include a cover song on my release for Digital Distribution?
    By submitting material to the Website for distribution, you guarantee that you own and/or control all necessary rights to the material. Any misrepresentation or use of unlicensed products will result in immediate termination of your agreement.

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