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Every country in the world pays song royalties differently. We register your songs directly with collection societies in every country and territory where they are being played. Simplify your administrative work with FORTYFY and start writing your greatest hits!

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Music Publishing Royalties

Music publishing royalties are a fundamental but often overlooked component of a songwriter’s long-term success. They are based on the underlying composition of the song itself.

In order for the songwriter to receive royalties, the song data must be registered and the song’s use tracked around the world. Because global music publishing involves multiple types of rights, song usage, and many different sources of royalties, managing this by yourself would be similar to a full time job.

Let's collect all your royalties

We relieve you from the extensive administrative work that comes with exploitation and licensing. This means you have more time to do what matters most – creating music and growing your career with FORTYFY.

Once you sign up with us we register your songs all over the world with the help of our powerful tools. Every collecting society will know who owns the song and can send the earned royalties to your FORTYFY account.

This not only increases your royalties, but also gives you access to a global network. Together we create your future.

Types of royalties we collect

Live Performance
Music Printing
Buyout Master Administration
Publishing Buyout Administration



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