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We distribute over 5500 labels with 690.000 tracks to more than 300 DSPs worldwide.
We provide you with the perfect technical set-up to make your dream come true, no matter if you run a small label or a complete distribution service.

We distribute over 2000 labels with 550.000 tracks to more than 300 DSPs worldwide. We provide you with the perfect technical set-up to make your dream come true, no matter if you run a small label or a complete distribution service.

Our label service

In a highly competitive market FORTYFY increases your chances of success by getting the best possible placements and exposure for your releases. We worked on important improvements to optimize your label’s daily business. At FORTYFY we take care of the full range of Label Management services, while offering a sophisticated Content Management solution

Music distribution
means to fortyfy the future of
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Music Marketing

Besides our technical solutions, we offer strategic marketing planning and release scheduling, as well as customized marketing consulting. We support you to set up your label- and artist profiles at most retailers and shops, helping you to market your releases through tools like smart links, pitching, chart submission and much more.

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Content Management

Deliveries to all digital platforms through only one distribution partner and with one tool for everything: Uploads, product manage-ment, sales statistics, cloud storage and many additional features. You focus on the creative work, while we provide the technical platform and personal support.

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Youtube Monetization

Don't miss the benefits of a YouTube Partner Music CMS! YouTube has become one of the leading providers for music discovery around the world. A great opportunity for you to make revenue from your music while ensuring that your copyrights and songs are protected. We offer full-service YouTube Content ID and Rights Manager admin-istration, analytics, accounting, and reporting.

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Personal Support

Our personal service is reliable when it comes to trouble-shooting, consulting and general support. No ticket system - we offer individual service and deliver the perfect solution for every problem. Our team consists of digital media and YouTube experts. Join us - your personal contact is waiting for you.

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Our Additional Services

  • Accounting System

    The CRS (Complete Royalty Suite) is a web-based royalty software solution for artist managements and labels of any size. It enables to create royalty comprehensive reports and statements for each contract partner, including both digital and physical products and merchandise. Once your contracts and products are ingested, you will receive a detailed statement.

  • E-Books & Audiobooks

    With FORTYFY you can expand your digital business to e-books and audiobooks! Once we have completed a full quality check, you will also receive free ISBN-Numbers. We send your ebooks or audiobooks to more than 300 partner stores and libraries all over the world. Together we will build an international distribution network and support you on your way to success.

  • Mastering

    Get your music ready to be distributed! Through our network we offer high level studio mastering. Get to know our professional partners and make the most out of your music! Contact us and we advise you individually on which studio fits your style best.

  • Promotion

    Our partner network also includes the most relevant DJ Promotion agencies and tools, as well as PR- and press promotion companies. Please ask for special request and orders.

Press & Media

Get in touch with the Communications team for all your press & media inquiries.

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