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Let’s make music business better! Our mission is to give artists, producers and label managers full control of their content. Therefore we work transparent and supportive and are always on the run for new income sources to add to our services.

Labels & Artists

No size fits all. Our full-service distribution is made for your professional development. Build a long-term music career in every stage.


Create your label for your own releases and expand your business.

Label Owner

Join us with your label. Invite artists or friends while we take care of a full range of Label Management services.


You are a label manager looking for a white-label solution to separately handle your labels and managing different accounts.


As a certified YouTube partner we offer every relevant service for creators and large rights holders to increase your income with video and audio content.


Reach Listeners In Over 300 Territories

We distribute to every major DSP and digital store around the world. Become visible on Instagram Music, Facebook, TikTok, Amazon or even Netflix! Don't miss out on distribution opportunities across a range of advertising and subscription platforms.


Get the most out of your YouTube Business

We help you monetize and optimize your audio and video content on YouTube. As a certified YouTube partner we increase your income through Content-ID and solve unjustified claims.


Release Strategy

We analyze your audience and content for a perfect release strategy while helping you to expand your income streams through our service options.

  • Milestone

    Boris Brejcha hits over 150 million streams across platforms.

    Boris Brejcha

  • Milestone

    10th anniversary of a successful cooperation with Nedeljko Bajic Baja.

    Nedeljko Bajic Baja

  • Milestone

    Halid Beslic reaches more than 86.1 million streams on YouTube within one year cooperation.

    Halid Beslic


We take care of your rights as a songwriter and give you a network of various artists, managers and producers.

Every country in the world pays song royalties differently.

We register your songs all over the world!

We send your earned royalties to your FORTYFY account.

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our powerful tools

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  • Content Management Console

    FORTYFY has always focused on advanced technology to expand our services and offer the best digital tools on the market. Our Content Management Console combines industry leading expertise with highly automated technology. Through this we give you a unique interface to manage, promote and monitor your catalog, give you full control of your IP & brand, while also maximizing your revenue potential.


    Tap into the content area where you are able to create and manage your releases. Use features such as bulk import, compilation options, pre-selection of channels and stores, enhanced price codes and quality checking.


    Any sale or stream will be shown in the extensive analytics tools. Analyse trends, peaks and figures broken down into countries, DSPs, artists and releases. You can see the data provided by DSPs on a daily base and download your monthly statements as well as statistics in whatever form you need.


    Our system allows creating hierarchies of users, artists, labels and customers. Manage and administrate sub-accounts for your labels and control all income and country reports on your personal account.

  • Complete Royalty Suite

    Our tool is the first complete royalty suite that saves you time and money. With our web based CRS you can make accurate and verified royalty statements for your licences. All you have to do is import your product catalog and the software will assign all individual sales into the product synchronically. You and your team can access the system from anywhere through 2 Factor Authentication. It’s secure, fast, accurate and adaptable to your needs. Contact us today to get a demo account!


    Create catalouges without double data maintance through the automated import of entire catalouges from many distributors. Choose your own import formats and add them at short notice.


    Within the CRS it’s quick and easy to create statements of fees for streaming and downloads, allocate costs such as Prints, Export, Packaging, Promo etc. and also to assign exceptional amounts like advances, provisions and scale of units. Even digital and physical products and merchandise are accountable.


    Import data and bills in seconds from the file manager with interfaces to many distributors automatically. The CRS offers preconfigured imports through self-configurable interfaces for Excel and CSV. It processes digital numbers in seconds and provides statements of account in PDF format incl. Artist login.

Press & Media

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