Neighbouring Rights

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Neighbouring rights, an oft-misunderstood and commonly overlooked right type, has become increasingly relevant for performers, producers, and record labels. The neighbouring rights sector is a fast-growing area of global rights management.

Neighbouring rights & public performance

“Neighbouring rights” is the term for the public performance rights for a sound recording.

They are similar to the public performance royalties for a composition, in that they are earned when a song is broadcast or played in a public place. But while those are paid to songwriters and their publishers, neighbouring rights royalties are collected by neighbouring rights organizations and paid to recording owners and performing artists.

The term “neighbouring” refers to the fact that these rights are similar to – or “neighbour” to – the public performance rights for compositions.

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We collect your neighbouring rights for the use of your recordings on radio and TV, in stores, on webradio and even for music on hold. Don’t miss out on this increasingly important revenue stream! FORTYFY registers your works with worldwide collecting societies and claims remuneration. We handle the registration for you and collect your royalties.

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