Future Music Camp
Organizer David Stammer and Hanna Lukashevich of the Fraunhofer Institute at the Future Music Camp. © Capadol

Future Music Camp 2023 about chances and risks of AI

By Daniel Nagel (

The topic of AI is currently moving the music scene like no other. It is also the focus of the Future Music Camp at the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim, where it is proving to be a topic that is as complex as it is difficult to predict.

Everyone agrees that artificial intelligence will revolutionize the music business. Far less clear is how this will happen and what the consequences will be. Future Music Camp 2023 sets out to find answers in a rapidly changing field.

Valerio Velardo, who not only runs a YouTube channel called The Sound of AI but also holds a PhD in Music & AI, sees the AI revolution primarily as an opportunity. It is pointless to fight or try to stop the change – history shows that this has never worked with regard to new technologies.

Thanks to our partners at backstagepro for providing us with a detailed report on the FMC. Read the full german article on Backstage Pro.

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