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Maximizing the NOW Playing Experience on Spotify:
4 Actions for Artists

The Now Playing view on Spotify provides artists with an opportunity to forge a deeper connection with their audience. Here are four actions that artists can take to make the most of this listener experience:

Now Playing Spotify

Canvas: By uploading Canvas images, artists can add visual elements to captivate listeners and share their creative vision. Studies have shown that listeners are more likely to add a song to their playlist when they see a Canvas.

Merchandise Linking: Linking merchandise to releases allows listeners to explore and purchase physical representations of the music while enjoying the tracks. Artists can associate multiple releases with a merchandise item to increase visibility.

Now Playing Spotify
Now Playing Spotify

Updating Artist Biographies: Artist bios provide a platform for artists to introduce themselves to fans and share their story. The bio appears under the “About the artist” section and includes a follow button to encourage listeners to easily connect with the artist’s profile.

Concert Dates and Lyrics Linking: Displaying concert dates and lyrics in the Now Playing view enables listeners to discover upcoming live shows and engage more deeply with the music. By linking these elements, artists can enhance the overall listening experience.

Now Playing Spotify

By leveraging these actions, artists can effectively utilize the Now Playing view on Spotify to establish a stronger connection with their audience and showcase their music in diverse ways. Engaging listeners visually, offering merchandise options, telling their story, and providing live experiences can help artists advance their music careers and cultivate genuine fans.

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