META Updates

META Updates

Facebook and Instagram have announced new updates and features for their platforms, aimed at improving user experience and engagement. 

Facebook recently introduced a new option for reporting Facebook Reels for the Claims Attribution of Reels Original Audio workflow. Music Label Partners can now report a Reels Original Audio on Facebook by selecting “Claim Attribution of Reels Original Audio” as the basis for the report and providing relevant information to process the request. This new option aligns with the existing Instagram Reels Claim Attribution of Reels Original Audio workflow. This update aims to help creators and artists protect their original content and maintain ownership over it. If you want more information about this topic, just hit us up! 

In addition, Facebook has launched two music tests on Instagram, including Music in Carousels and Music Notes. Music in Carousels allows users to add a song to their Instagram photo carousels, while Music Notes enhances the Notes product launched last year by introducing a new note type that allows users to share a 30-second song clip. These features give users more ways to express themselves creatively and share their favorite music with their followers. 

Furthermore, the tools currently utilized in Creator Studio will soon be redirected to Meta Business Suite to simplify workflow and experience without removing the functionality previously available. This will enable creators and publishers to manage and promote their content more easily, making it simpler for them to reach their audience and grow their presence on the platform.  

Instagram, on the other hand, has launched several new features to help users better express themselves and reach their audience. One of the most significant updates is the ability to add up to five links to users’ profiles. This feature gives users more flexibility to share their passions, businesses, and other information. Users can add these links by editing their profile and arranging the links in the order they prefer. 

Instagram has also enabled artists and label marketers to boost their reels directly from their profiles. The new feature allows eligible reels to be promoted as ads through IG Promote and Ads Manager, and they must contain music performed by the artist and licensed from the Instagram Music Library. To boost reels, users must select “Using existing post” when creating an ad in Ads Manager, choose the desired reel, and complete the rest of the ad setup and targeting. Additionally, Instagram has created a new weekly guide to inspire creators with content ideas and formats that are currently trending on the platform. The guide includes tips on how to use transitions and hashtags to enhance their content and expand their audience.  

Finally, Instagram has published the top 25 songs used in reels in the U.S. last week. This information can help creators stay up to date on current trends and incorporate them into their content. 

In conclusion, these updates and features from Facebook and Instagram aim to provide users with more tools to express themselves creatively, protect their original content, and grow their audience. With the new updates and features, creators and artists can reach their audience more easily and engage with them more effectively. 

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