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Music Notes available on META

A few weeks ago, META tested the new product “Music Notes.” With this product, it is possible to share a 30-second clip of a song in a note, allowing your friends and followers to listen and respond directly in their inbox. “Music Notes” is now finally available in the US and select territories in Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. Please note that this new feature will not be available for business accounts. Here’s how you create a Music Note:

Music Notes META

Here’s how you create a Music Note:

    1. Go to your inbox and tap the “+” symbol to create a new note.
    2. Tap the music icon below your profile photo.
    3. Search for the song you want to share.
    4. Decide which 30-second clip you want to highlight or use the default setting.
    5. Optionally, share a brief thought alongside your music selection.
    6. Choose who you want to share the note with (Close Friends or all followers) and tap “Share.”
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