Security Features Instagram

New Security Features on Instagram:
Protection against Fraud & Identity Theft

Instagram has recently introduced several new features to strengthen the security of its users and protect them from fraudulent activities. As part of these efforts, the platform has emphasized the importance of creating a safe and supportive community for all users.

One of Instagram’s latest features is the introduction of warning alerts for potentially fraudulent activities. If an account suspected of impersonating an individual or business or engaging in fraudulent activities attempts to follow a user, that user will receive a notification, reminding them to be cautious of potentially unwanted or suspicious interactions. Similarly, when receiving a direct message from a suspicious account, users will be alerted to review the message before accepting it.

Security Features Instagram

Another significant feature is the warning about suspicious links. If a link in an Instagram profile appears suspicious, users will receive a warning message before clicking, helping them identify and prevent potential fraud attempts. To strengthen security settings, Instagram conducts a security checkup, guiding users through specific steps such as setting a strong password and enabling two-factor authentication. Additionally, the platform reminds users to regularly review and update their privacy settings. These new security measures represent Instagram’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of its users and fostering a positive experience for all. For more information on security features and tips to stay safe on Instagram, visit the official website at

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