TikTok DSP & Artist Pick

Upcoming TikTok Engagement Features:
TikTok to DSP & Artist Pick

As previously announced, TikTok has teased exciting upcoming features aimed at further enhancing user engagement on the platform. Two intriguing functionalities take center stage: ‘TikTok to DSP’ and ‘Artist Pick’.

TikTok DSPs

The first feature, ‘TikTok to DSP’, introduces an innovative button into the ‘For You’ feed. It appears whenever the music used in a video aligns with a track from TikTok’s extensive library and its DSP partner. Users can now select their preferred music application and set it as the default option. Once a track is added to a playlist within their chosen music app, they receive a confirmation message. Subsequently, they have the choice to add the track to the default ‘TikTok Songs’ playlist in their designated DSP or create a new playlist. This feature holds the promise of simplifying music integration, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.

TikTok Artist Pick

The second feature, ‘Artist Pick‘, empowers artists to showcase their favorite TikTok videos on their profile page. This provides space for personal expression and interaction with their fan base. Additionally, creators receive notifications when their videos are selected for featuring. This not only strengthens the bond between artists and their fans but also introduces an element of gamification to sound utilization.

In the ever-evolving world of TikTok, these upcoming engagement features not only enrich the user experience but also reinforce the connection between artists and their fans. We eagerly await the positive impact these innovations will bring to the platform, fostering a dynamic and engaging environment for all.

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